Xcursion 6

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Repackaging an old design and calling it “new” has never been our style. Lowering brace height or adding a harsh draw cycle just to say we had more speed isn’t either. The 2017 Xcursion 6 continues to redefine our core principles of purpose driven products and building only the best. The new patent pending PX³ and XS Plus cams bring real life IBO ratings up to 358 feet per second and smooth draw cycles to a brand of bows that already consistently outperformed the competition.  Our new dual plane riser bridging designed to control harmonics and vibration, increases rigidity, and still maintains the light-weight that Xpedition has become known for.

IBO 358 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs
Axle-to-Axle 32.375″ +/- .250″
Brace Height 6″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 65, 70
Draw Lengths XS+ 27″ – 30″
Draw Lengths PX3 25″ – 26.5″
Draw Length Adjustment Modular (0.5″ Incriments)
Let Off 80% Adj.

1 review for Xcursion 6

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thrilled is an understatement when it come to the Xcursion 6. The draw cycle is nothing like you would expect from a speed bow. Very smooth and the transition into the valley is very nice. The backwall is rock solid and the valley is comfortable. Enough of a valley that hard angled shots can be made, but short enough that your form does not suffer. The fit and finish is top notch, Xpedition really paid attention to the details. The bow is dead in tha hands and very quiet. And like I mentioned earlier, its a speed bow. It is fast and efficient!

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